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GD Midea Air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.

Company Profile
Midea is one of the biggest companies specialize in A/C in China. Midea is No. 1 on export in China of residential A/C and No.1 on Domestic & Export sale among Chinese brands of Commercial A/C in the year 2005. Midea has 14 years OEM & ODM experience with global partners and large scale capacity guided by ERP and flexible management system. Midea holds the vertically integrated air conditioner industrial chain. Midea provides customers with the full set of technical documentation for A/C products. Midea al...
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Contact Us
Company: GD Midea Air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Jession Lee
Address: Midea Industrial City
Postcode: 528311
Tel: 86 757 26337280
Fax: 86 757 26650073


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Tel : 86 757 26337280 Fax : 86 757 26650073
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